Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food: The Mother Who Feeds

Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food: The Mother Who Feeds.
"In this world, apart from our spiritual practice, there is no other place or power that we can rely on." Supreme Master Ching Hai

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I just can't shake my Native American Boyfriend....


Yes, it's true, I have a magnetic personality, but really? Apparently I am the object of his affection, that wily, wizened Indian friend of mine from 15 years ago.

When we first built this house, it took about three days in residence before I saw him the first time. Always at night, and always right up in my personal space. He used to scare the crap out of me. When I finally pulled myself together and tried to accept the fact that A) I'm highly empathic, something I've known my whole life, and B) that I was graduating from hearing spirits to freaking SEEING them, I decided the best way to get rid of him was to ask him what he wanted. Problem is, the SOB would never tell me.

I shared this creepy-ness with Laurel, my best friend at the time, and she told me that, as always, I was giving her goosebumps.  (That's why she was my best friend; no judgement.) My relationship with this Indian spirit person went on for years, until, unexpectedly, Laurel was killed in a car accident. From the day she died, I never saw my Indian friend again.

Fast forward to January, 2012, when I met the Reverend Ed Conklin, for the first time when I visited Cassadega Spiritualist camp. (Read about my first visit with Ed here: What the medium said.)

Ed was channeling Laurel, when all of a sudden, in pops this Indian fellow. Ed was having a hard time controlling his boisterous attitude, and you can read about the situation in the above link. I was totally confused as to why he was manifesting himself at that moment, because I hadn't seen him since Laurel died in July of 2000. I just listened to everything Ed said, and filed it away for future reference.

About two weeks after I came home from Florida, I was visiting with my next door neighbor, who also happens to be an empath. I shared my coolie-cool experience from Cassadaga with her, and she started to weep and shake. She told me that my Indian friend had been haunting her house for 12 years, and that she and her family were so sick of seeing him in their house, that they were considering calling their pastor for an exorcism! He was scaring the bejesus out of her two children, and had a nasty habit of sitting on the chair in her bedroom, watching her and her husband in the most intimate of situations. She was sick and tired of him, just like I had been.

Of course, I had to call Ed and consult about what to do with this guy! Diane and I followed Ed's instructions to do a meditation and blessing on him with the intent to send him to his final destination. We finished up that meditation with a smudging of her home. Voila! Neither one of us have seen him since.

SOOOOO, I had to visit Cassadaga again last week, and follow up on a phone reading I had done in April of 2013 with Ed, which was very helpful to me during that particularly bad period of my life. I had nothing in mind; no agenda, nothing specific I wanted to know, other than wondering if my grandpa Nels was mad at me for initiating the surgery that ended up hastening his demise in May 2013.

The reading was going well, and I had heard from both my grandmother Esther, who proclaimed from the first (she's ALWAYS first!!) that there would be "no bastard at this reading!" (This is in reference to my great-grandfather AJ, who came through in the April 2013 phone reading, and was a jerk to me, just like he was a jerk in real life.) I also heard from my grandpa Nels.

First off, I really appreciate my grandmother Esther, who was always protective of me in life, and continues to be so now that she's gone. Secondly, grandpa Nels validated the fact that I had something to do with his death, but told me that he was ready to go, and that that he had missed grandma. He then showed Ed something that happened in the middle of the night at the hospital, two days before he died. No one was there but grandpa and me, and he knew that would cement for me that it was definitely him coming through. He and grandma are happy, and watching over us.

I also heard from my grandpa Tyler, who admonished me to lose weight and work on my certification for NP this year. He is always practical, and pretty much a product of "the bastard" AJ, who was his own father. Direct and to the point; thanks grandpa T.

I then asked Ed if Laurel was there, as she has come through every other time I've worked with him, and I haven't had an validations from her in quite some time on my own. He said she was coming forth, but IMMEDIATELY, as soon as she came up, he said:

Ed: "Wait, this guy is shoving his way around Laurel! Um.... is there an American Indian?"

Me: "Oh. My. God. Not again! What the hell?"

Ed: "Oh, so this guy has come through before in our sessions?" (At this point I cannot believe he doesn't remember this guy, because my little friend always seems to make an impression on Ed.)

Me: "Um, yes! What the hell does he want now? We got rid of him two years ago by following your directions!"

Ed: "Well, okay, this is embarrassing."

Me: "What? What is going on?"

Ed: "Well....hmmm... he is showing me YOU."

Me: "Me? Doing what?"

Ed: "Dancing a native dance around a large fire." (He indicates the size of the fire with his hands.)

Me: "Me? Dancing around a fire? That's weird. What could that mean?"

Ed: "Um, you are naked."

Me: "Well, I apologize for that, sir! What an image. Wait! How does he know what I look like naked?"

Ed: (laughing) "He's very enamored of you."

Me: "'Enamored'? Like this guy has a crush on me or something?"

Ed: "Oh, he's more than infatuated. He's completely in love with you."

Me: "Ew!"

Ed: "Well, he's serious about never leaving your property."

Me: "Oh my God. Fabulous! So how do I get rid of him? He hasn't presented himself to me at all. Ask him where he's been?"

Ed: "Okay." (Shuts his eyes and concentrates, puckering up his brow.) "He was very appreciative of your blessing (I never told him today that this is what we did, even though he told us to do it two years ago.) But he was also hurt that you wanted him to leave. He has been roaming about, but is using this reading as an opportunity to come back to you. I think you need to quit fighting this guy and use him as one of your guides."

Me: (reluctantly) "Hmmm. Just what I need as a guide: A horny indian!" (Ed peeps through his closed eyelids, smirking at me.) Sorry. Go on?"

Ed: "He is showing me a shield. In fact, Laurel is behind the shield. He's fiercely protective of her, and of you. I think it would be great to have this guy on your side."

Me: (It's now obvious to me by this guy's behavior that not only did Laurel get rid of him for me, as I suspected, but she has also befriended him in a big way.) 
"If you say so! I'll try to include him in my meditations, and will try not to be creeped out that he's stalking me from the other side. Sheesh."

Ed: (laughing) "Well, he's stepping aside so Laurel can come back up front."

Me: "Great! Tell her I love her and that I am so happy that I've reconnected to her kids and grandchildren. Tell her that I'm looking out for them."

Ed: (In concentration mode again.) "Did Laurel have dandruff?"

Me: "NO! Not that I remember! That's weird, why?"

Ed: "I see her with a little dust broom, brushing dandruff off the shoulders of someone wearing black. She is muttering: 'Worst goddamn case of dandruff I've ever seen!' Would she have talked that way?"

Me: "Occasionally, but not usually! Weird. She was a cleaner, though. Always picking up or cleaning something. She had a day care center."

Ed: "She's in an immaculate house now. Everything is very organized."

Me: "Well, that's certainly not the way it was when she was alive! She could never get caught up."

Ed: "Well, she's caught up now, and she's very proud of it. She says to tell you that you might be watching her children and grandchildren, but she's watching over all of YOU. I feel immense love here (points to the center of his chest) so she must really have been a loving, caring person."

Me: "The most."

So at this point we hashed over some of the other things we had talked about, and I came out of there shaking my head over this silly Indian man who died on my property, and who is all hot to trot for me.

2013 was just a horrible year for me, all the way around. I'm beyond glad it's over, but I just have to say, I predict 2014 is going to be very interesting!